Welcome to the Multi-faceted World of Diamond Gardening

Diamond Gardening for inner growth! Cultivate your place in the world. More than just growing vegetables or cut flowers in a 12' x 12' plot, plant a garden and renew your freedom. This freedom results from the personal success and satisfaction of self-sufficiency while building community with others. With the rewards of an abundant harvest, you widen your awareness of the subtle workings of nature. When you create a Diamond Garden you become part of an international chain of diamond friends who are linked together through the desire to make this act of gardening a spiritual and freedom filled endeavour.

Diamond Gardening increases awareness and respect for your health and spirituality using your 12' x 12' garden as a microcosm of your place in the world.

A Diamond On Wheels

The terrace of Inés Kohlmeyer`s flat in south-west Germany is ideally situated for gardening: direct access to water from the flat, nice and sunny, but also protected from too much direct sun and cold winds. In 2009, she and her friend Wilma took on the project of building a square Diamond Garden in a 1×1 […]

Welcome to our virtual Diamond Garden

On this first day of spring, when the March equinox occurs, we would like to officially open this Diamond Gardening platform to all interested and like-minded people around the world who want to undertake the endeavor of conscious gardening. As the hemisphere begins to warm significantly causing new plant growth to “spring forth”, we look […]

From the ground up — Compost

What is compost? Compost is a collection of decomposing material used to replenish the soil. Organic materials decay and nitrogen is released. Nitrogen in the soil retains water. When you collect a heap of such things as weeds, grass clippings, autumn leaves, manure and kitchen vegetable scraps you assist in building the necessary nutrients for […]

Muscle Response Testing for Border Definition

In Bad Mergentheim, a city in south-west Germany, Sussan created a Diamond Garden in the yard of her family home, close by a newly built Summer House. Sussan writes: “The shape was dowsed. Shape A was the best for me personally. But asking the question under the consideration also for the best of the family […]

Diamonds in all diversity

There are many flower beds. Here is a garden for those who dine. In preparation for a Diamond Gardening project week-end in Germany, Wilma and Inés prepared this extraordinary Diamond.

Diamonds Tip to Tip

In the mountains of North Carolina, Martha created two square 12′x12′ Diamond Gardens tip to tip in the yard of a former school building. “Digging Into A Model Of New Dimensions” is her acronym of DIAMOND gardening. Martha also writes: “Garden lesson: After harvesting a crop, I noticed that the clean soil was rapidly overtaken […]

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