Welcome to the Multi-faceted World of Diamond Gardening

Diamond Gardening for inner growth! Cultivate your place in the world. More than just growing vegetables or cut flowers in a 12' x 12' plot, plant a garden and renew your freedom. This freedom results from the personal success and satisfaction of self-sufficiency while building community with others. With the rewards of an abundant harvest, you widen your awareness of the subtle workings of nature. When you create a Diamond Garden you become part of an international chain of diamond friends who are linked together through the desire to make this act of gardening a spiritual and freedom filled endeavour.

Diamond Gardening increases awareness and respect for your health and spirituality using your 12' x 12' garden as a microcosm of your place in the world.

Promising Beginnings: Spring Days

They are delicate and tiny.  The very first one is the promise that others will follow. And yes,  every day you will find more  – in your garden, in the woods, in the street. Bright green herolds of nature’s beauty wakening up for this coming season of growth.  What a promising view! And how much […]

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