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Diamond Gardening for inner growth! Cultivate your place in the world. More than just growing vegetables or cut flowers in a 12' x 12' plot, plant a garden and renew your freedom. This freedom results from the personal success and satisfaction of self-sufficiency while building community with others. With the rewards of an abundant harvest, you widen your awareness of the subtle workings of nature. When you create a Diamond Garden you become part of an international chain of diamond friends who are linked together through the desire to make this act of gardening a spiritual and freedom filled endeavour.

Diamond Gardening increases awareness and respect for your health and spirituality using your 12' x 12' garden as a microcosm of your place in the world.

Leipzig, Germany: Prospecting for A Diamond

Motivating beauties - symbols of our gardening hopes

Auf einmal ging alles ganz schnell und wir sind Diamond-Gärtner geworden!
Es begann an einem Sonntag nachmittag auf dem Fluss. Mein 13-jähriger Sohn erzählte mir, dass er mit seinem Freund Salat gesetzt hätte. Das machte ihm offensichtlich Spaß! Und: er erzählte, dass es dort bei seinem Freund in der Schrebergartenanlage noch freie Gärten gäbe. Wir fuhren hin, guckten, und fanden unseren Garten. Klein und verwunschen, mit Pfingstrosen und Apfelbäumen.

Look in the "right" places... Then, all of a sudden, our garden appeared on a Sunday afternoon in May. While we were paddling on the river, our 13 year old son told us about his friend´s garden in which they had planted salad together. Obviously he had been enjoying himself doing this. Then he ended up with the message that there were some gardens available over there in that large garden area, ten minutes by bike from our house.

We had a look and immediately we found a romantic garden with peonies and apple trees, set in a quiet corner of the garden plot. A tiny one, 123 square meters, just the right size for us as new gardeners.

A short bike ride away... Our garden is part of one of Leipzig´s biggest garden non-profit associations, which provides about 900 allotment gardens. Leipzig is said to be the origin of the allotment gardens movement. With the beginning of the industrialization in the middle of the 19th century, the idea came up that it would be beneficial for those who worked in factories to have a little piece of land where to grow fruit and vegetables and where to recreate from work. So allotment garden areas were set up. For a little rent people who lived in dark city apartments would have a sunny piece of land to remind them of former times in their villages. The idea spread and everywhere in German towns allotment gardens have been available for a low price until today. Leipzig nowadays has 208 garden associations which provide 32.500 gardens for little money.  Until some years ago, these gardens were regarded by younger people as the incorporation of smugness.  This has been changing. A lot of young families, artists, students, intellectuals are now keen on getting one of these gardens.  And start happily to do garden work when they could sign their lease contract.

So did we.

However, there were not only peonies and apple trees waiting for us.  A shed, full of left things which the rain had soaked and rotten over years, had to be sorted and then torn down.  My husband set up the motto: ”The vision is clear! This romantic garden promises to become paradise!”  Thus things began to move: 17 cubic meters of garbage were to be brought into containers.

Tearing down and sorting the garbage 17 tons of garbage to clear before we found our Diamond!

And being dirty after a long day of sorting, he, a scientist doing a lot of computer work all day long, concluded:  “This garden finally makes me feel as a complete human being.”

Once the garbage was gone,   we had the chance to make our new start in the already grown structure. Why not create a really different bed, my husband suggested, something like a rhomb. So he was speaking of  a Diamond Garden! I had thought of this, but postponed the idea to next year, having presumed it might be too complicated… While I was preparing our first meal in the garden, where we also had inherited a nice place to sit, he and our children were already digging the earth for our Diamond. The adventure began.

Preparing the Diamond Garden shape

As a bonus, we had inherited compost which my husband worked into the soil.

Then we started dowsing which plants would be beneficial for our family and our garden, and which of them would grow together well in our diamond. The first seeds were sawn, the first plants put in. The boundaries are set in rough, as time allowed for the moment.  The diamond gardeners around the world already have been encouraging us in this process.

Nurturing "inheritance". compost for the Diamond Define the borders... ...and look forward to how it will continue!

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