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Diamond Gardening for inner growth! Cultivate your place in the world. More than just growing vegetables or cut flowers in a 12' x 12' plot, plant a garden and renew your freedom. This freedom results from the personal success and satisfaction of self-sufficiency while building community with others. With the rewards of an abundant harvest, you widen your awareness of the subtle workings of nature. When you create a Diamond Garden you become part of an international chain of diamond friends who are linked together through the desire to make this act of gardening a spiritual and freedom filled endeavour.

Diamond Gardening increases awareness and respect for your health and spirituality using your 12' x 12' garden as a microcosm of your place in the world.

Spring Greetings

Diamond Garden at Kirchberg Castle, Germany, Spring 2013

Spring Greetings to Diamond Gardeners who stretch far and wide across the world. 

It was in 1994 that the first Diamond Gardens were planted in the United States by readers who were inspired to learn more about themselves after reading my book, “Chain of Diamonds”. Outlined in this illustrated workbook were methods to increase self-awareness by creating a 12’ X 12’ gardening experience as a metaphor filled with insightful learning their lives. While choosing plants, learning about companion vegetables and tending to the changing needs of flowers and vegetables, gardeners grew! Then, through internet and the power of energetics, gardeners linked their insights with others who had gained from nature’s wisdoms.

This year we invite you to take the personal challenge to engage in a Diamond Garden for pleasure and fulfillment. If you are interested, send an email to diamondgarden@growingwheel.com and ask for your free copy of the Diamond Gardening e-book in English, German or Spanish.

Sue Gurnee

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