Welcome to the Multi-faceted World of Diamond Gardening

Diamond Gardening for inner growth! Cultivate your place in the world. More than just growing vegetables or cut flowers in a 12' x 12' plot, plant a garden and renew your freedom. This freedom results from the personal success and satisfaction of self-sufficiency while building community with others. With the rewards of an abundant harvest, you widen your awareness of the subtle workings of nature. When you create a Diamond Garden you become part of an international chain of diamond friends who are linked together through the desire to make this act of gardening a spiritual and freedom filled endeavour.

Diamond Gardening increases awareness and respect for your health and spirituality using your 12' x 12' garden as a microcosm of your place in the world.

The Circle In History

Until three hundred years ago, plants were cultivated for food, medical purposes, or for their symbolic protective properties. The beauty that graced a garden was intended to inspire the senses, strengthen the spirit, and comfort the soul. During pagan times and into the early days of Christianity, plants were used during rituals and celebrations, as […]

Helpers come in all sizes

At Growing Wheel in Todd, North Carolina we have attracted the attention of some interested youngsters. Seems the word is spreading! More pictures to follow!

Sue Gurnee: Compost

Compost is a collection of decomposing organic material used to resplenish the soil. Organic materials decay and nitrogen is released. The nitrogen rich soil retains water. Humus is the end result of composting weeds, grass clippings, autumn leaves, manure, and organic waste from the kitchen. It stimulates the soil in continuing the process of decay. […]

Sue Gurnee: A good yield depends…

…on the cooperation between heaven, earth and people Farmers for over four thousand years developed methods of intensive production to meet the needs of people. They were faced with the same needs we face today. The basic requirements to replenish the fertility of the soil we use and to respectfully use the earth. In ancient […]

Sue Gurnee: Paradise of Gardening

Pardes in Hebrew means GARDEN. In the Hebrew language, vowels do not exist as written letters, so Pardes (Garden) is written as PRDS. Since people interested in the Kaballah become interested in the Hebrew alphabet I thought it would be interesting to include something about the 4 levels that are depicted by this word for […]

Interview with Sue Gurnee, Diamond Gardening Initiator

1. When did you create your first Diamond Garden? In the early 1970’s I did a great deal of research and experimentation with growing vegetables the Chinese way using raised beds and planting so that no space was wasted. The beds looked like raised diamonds filled with glittering sunbathed crops. In the early 1980’s I […]

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